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Monitor Groups and Dashboard Filter added Aug 31, 2015

We released a couple new improvements to the Knowledge Front interface and wanted to share some details with you.

Monitor Groups

Some of our clients keep a watchful eye on dozens of critical websites and email servers. We’ve added a new feature to the monitoring dashboard that lets you create Monitor Groups to help you sort through all of this real-time monitoring data.

Monitor Groups are just simple, logical groupings of Monitors that you’d like to group together for quick viewing and filtering on your dashboard.

Create groups for specific cloud service providers, geographic regions, or environments… the options are limitless and you’re in control to customize the Monitor Groups in a meaningful way for the infrastructure you support.

Dashboard Filter

Related to Monitor Groups, we’ve also added a new Dashboard Filter feature that lets you only display your Monitors that are in an Alert state on the monitoring dashboard. This one-touch button lets you quickly view any Monitors that require your immediate attention.

As your infrastructure grows, the volume of monitoring data will grow along with it. We hope these two new interface features will help you sort through this data and stay on top of your infrastructure.

We love hearing from our clients! Please send us any feedback or new feature requests.

Knowledge Front team

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