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Interface updates Apr 18, 2013

In the next few days the web sites for Mailive! and Knowledge Front will receive major updates. We’re putting these updates in place to improve the usability of our monitoring services.

What’s better?

  • Enhanced mobile and tablet support! We’re introducing a new responsive design for improved consistency across phones, tablets, and traditional browsers. responsive
  • Smaller and faster load times! Our philosophy is to make monitoring and alerting simple and reliable for you, so there’s not much extra eye candy to get in the way of the user experience.

What’s changed?

  • Configuration and Settings menus have moved to the top. topmenu
  • The redundant alert configuration page has been removed. For now. Since it was only a slightly different layout of the same information available under the Monitor Configuration it has been set aside for the moment. Future plans include bulk editing of alert settings at which time it will resurface.

As with any substantial change there may be a few issues that, even after months of testing, only come out in the real world. Let us know of any problems and we will fix them as fast as possible.